SEO For Musicians: Stand Out From The Crowd

So you’ve got yourself a new group. You’re rehearsing hard and sounding great.

But the age-old question hangs over you all, as you relax in the pub after a successful practice session…

How can we get some gigs?

beat n blow seo for musicians

We’re all in the same boat. Rock bands, string quartets, barbershop quartets, vegetable orchestras… there’s an awful lot of competition out there.

When an excited bride-to-be Googles “brass ensemble for weddings”, or a local music club director searches for “professional string quartet” how can they find us? Read on to learn about how SEO for musicians can help you and your brilliant new collective rank high without paying for costly ads.

First of all, the good news: You’re probably already familiar with most of the tools you’ll need.

Now, the hard bit: Much like mastering an instrument it requires consistent effort and attention to detail, with some trial and error. It can be a lot of work, but with the correct tools and the best guidance (hint: that’s us!) you can become the top hit when a potential client is looking for a group like yours.

seo for musicians brass quintet

Here’s an exercise for you. Think of the group you consider to be the best in your particular genre, then Google the genre plus the work you hope to get (just like the example shown). Do you see the best group in the world on that first page of results? We bet you don’t.

But you probably do see one or two names in amongst the music publishers and agencies touting for work. Let’s examine how they got there.


In the past decade social media has revolutionised the way we interact as individuals and with potential customers, but don’t be fooled into thinking that the website is dead.

Why should we make sure we have a great website?

The simple answer is that having an informative, engaging website that gives a clear idea of who you are and what you do is still the primary driver for search rankings around the world. Google is the byword for search, and with over 85% market share in the UK it’s the first place that most people go to find what they need.

It’s tempting to trust social media alone to get the job done, but the big problem is you can’t fully control your image to make sure it stands out from the crowd. You can have the best logo in the world and great pictures, but if they are snapped into a tiny profile picture box or a standard Facebook photo gallery they just aren’t going to have the impact they deserve – losing you potential bookings.

kronos quartet website


Does your group want to do weddings, or are you aiming for festival performances? Are you a concerto soloist, or are you providing atmosphere background act?

Aim for the specific type of gigs you want, and build your online presence around that. This will make it much easier for Google to understand what product it is you’re offering, and that’s a hugely important factor in SEO for musicians (or anyone else, for that matter)!

seo for musicians duo


This is where it gets a bit complicated, and you’ll really benefit from from some expert help and advice (hint again: that’s us!). The way you structure both your pages and the technical behind-the-scenes stuff is critical to show Google you’re a trustworthy outfit that will provide a great experience for your audiences.

There are so many little things to do to aid this process, and it’s crucial that it’s all in order. This is where we come in – we’ll help you do everything you need to ensure your SEO for musicians is top-notch. It’ll give you piece of mind that you’re maximising your chances to get seen online, so next time you’re relaxing in the pub after a great rehearsal you’ll know you’re on the right track.

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