🌐 What can SEO do for me?

"In a mature market like coffee, I felt there was little point in investing in SEO on a national level but on a local level it has been hugely beneficial in generating organic local sales. Getting to the top of Google for coffee in Surrey has helped increase both our revenue and margins through increased awareness of our brand and online sales each month, whilst reducing our spend on Google and Facebook Ads."
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Dan Webber
Founder, Chimney Fire Coffee

💡 SEO isn't just for big business.

At DittonDGM we’re not greedy, but we know the value of SEO to charities and SMEs, and with our experience in the sector we understand that money can be tight.

If you could invest in increasing the area of your shop floor, you’d be able to stock more products and in time attract more visitors, right? Well, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of giving your business the best chance to be seen by a potential customer in their moment of need.

Tomatoes in Thames Ditton. Cleaners in Cobham. Maths tutors in Molesey…

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🎁 What do we offer?

In 2020, there’s much more to marketing than magazine ads and A-boards. You’ll receive an initial consultation of around one hour, where we can discuss your short and long term goals and go through the basics of what constitutes a great website in the eyes of a search engine.

We’ll talk about how we can maximise your website’s potential and divide up the required tasks, ensuring that you retain creative control of the look and feel of your digital brand that you’ve worked so hard to curate.

Our goal is to help you understand the processes and best practices that go towards maintaining a website optimised for search engines, so you can have confidence that when a customer needs your business it’s you that they’ll find.

➡️ Check our our resources for small businesses and charities on our resources page.